Black Ink River. Groovy rock from Västerås, Sweden. Their second effort “Through The Unknown” is upon us. “Sulphur Sky” was the first single/video from the album. A catchy song with sing-along friendly lyrics to go with it.

Deeply rooted in the 70s and another batch of great swinging melodies to accompany the songs.
The members come from so many different corners of the music world its incredible that it can be as good as this in the end. By coincidence I discovered the band when they released their debut album and eagerly awaited the follow up. This is high class rock with Daniels easily recognizable singin style that fits the band like a glove.

Midnight Cowboy” is a song that shows the band in their most bluesy side. And still such a high level of performance. Next up is the bands first duet. Chasmin Marquez accompanies Daniel perfectly for this tune which is called “When I’m Gone”.

Echoes In Me”is another blues rooted track made in the blender of Black Ink Rivers universe .
“Fools Are Running The Show”(what a great title, it should have been the title of the album in my opinion). “
In A Daze” has a more fateful feeling to it and here is the time to honour Bosse Karlssons skilful guitar playing throughout the record and maybe especially here.

The ordinary cd ends with ”I Am Fire”. They show that there is a third album coming here. No doubt about it.

Wonderchild” sounds like its a leftover from the first album.

This album leaving me wanting more from this great band. Hope more people discover them and the virus gets under control so we can all go see them live on stage somewhere soon.

2021 could not have started better.

Artist: Black Ink River
Title: Through the Unknown
Rating: 7/10
Place Of Origin: Sweden
Stand Out tracks: “Echoes In Me”, “I am Fire”