When Frontiers records is involved, you know it´s more of a project than a band. Here we have Black Rose Maze. Another feeling that I get is that the projects ”Must” be fronted by a female singer. But as long as she sings like Rosa Laricchiuta it is quite ok. She´s holding things up great. This is hard rock as I want to hear it. As the promotion of the album reads: melodic hard rock with an edge.
Another good note from the album is that when I see “featuring Jeff Scott Soto” I know it will be awesome. Can he do anything wrong?

The song “Free” could have been what I refer to as a video hit back in the days when music videos was an important part of promoting bands. And for those of you who doubt her vocal ability just listen to ”Look at me now” which shows her skills as it is a bit stripped down and the first part when it´s just Rosa with a guitar accompany it gives you the chill.

“Let me Go” is another track that would show the world if there were any justice. Take the best part of the 80´s female rockers and mix it up with todays rock scene and you might be close.

Second to last song “You Can´t stop me” they go for the last drops of energy left? Uptempo without loosing the body of the project.

Finally some words to round up this album
When you come to the point when you forget to review an album and just listen. Then it must be something else don´t you think? This is what happened when i hear this album.
All in all a surprisingly good record that makes me want to hear a follow up real soon.


Band: Black Rose Maze
Title: Black Rose Maze
Label: Frontiers
Date of release: Out Now
Rate: 7/10
Stand Out Track: Only You