Swedish rockers Bombus have just releleased therir latest album”Vulture Culture” on us. A slight touch of Motörhead can be heard on the opener ”A ladder -Not A Shovel”, no rip off in any way but I hear some familiar melodies here. One thing with this band is that they twist their rock n roll in a kind of different way than just the “one, two, three, GO!” songs if you know what I mean. And that is one of a few things I like about the band. Even if they from the beginning maybe have been a straight rock n roll band, I feel that they´ve got a massive sound to fill the songs to a better groove, still recognizeable as Bombus. The band is almost a cousin to Hellacopters but with a heavier edge. Then you who haven´t heard them before have something to go by. The Pink Floyd kids choir in the end of “Mama” is another nice twist and maybe a homage to the band. Going into “It´s all over” its kind of a breather. A slower song with a chorus so familiar but still not too obvious(the “how you hate yourself” part).

“In The Shadows” are stepping things up a bit again. The bands most powerful song to date?. (And the crowded area of “best album of 2019” is getting even more crowded). Just listen to the instrumental part of this song and try to sit still. The title tracks guitar part could have fitted in any Grand Magus song ,and I almost wait for JB(Grand Magus singer) vocals there. Now I namedrop maybe too many bands but listen to the first tones of “Two Wolves and One sheep” and not try to think of a Birmingham band before they go on into their own kind of class act rock again. I am completely in love with this attitude filled rock bulldozer dressed as Bombus. What I do like about Bombus is that it is straight out rock n roll with a more grand sound than the average rock bands sound.

Artist: Bombus
Title: Vulture Culture
Label: Century Media
Date of release: 19-11-15
Rate: 7/10
Stand Out Track: In The Shadow