The last time I paid some attention to this band was as long back as when they played a lot more straight black metal. So imagine my surprise when listening to this record. This is Progressive Black Metal more than anything. The band might have changed a lot and now only the Pile of wood logo are what´s left of the early part of the bands career. Once again I am trembling in unknown waters, keep that in mind. Borknagar 2019 touches me more than earlier. Nice mix of black metal vocals and those clean parts. I feel the clean vocals are more present and that suits me fine. So, is it time to change the logo boys?

Imagine buying, what you think is a black metal album and hearing clean melodies(catchy!) and almost none of the growlings. Yes there is still some element of their early days, they haven´t gone all Anathema/Opeth yet but are on their way as far as i´m concerned. Listen to “Up North” and look at the cover… And then, just to put up their middle finger to an unprepared reviewer they go full black metal fury again.

This is a bit confusing for me. What leg is the band most in need of standing on? The black metal or the progressive leg? Ask me, they should have gone exploring the more melodic , progressive path, leaving out the growls totally .
“Wild Father´s heart “ is a stand out track for me on this album. Sounds almost like a hymn or elegy for someone or something that has passed. Another feeling is that this is black metal for people that really can´t stand black metal?
Not much more to say. Had to  listen to the album  with new open mind every time I sat  down to review it. You get fooled by the logo and the bands history , yes every now and then some black metal screams are heard but more and more they step out of that wood totally. But there is nothing that says they can’t be a big band in the future. Underneath this all lies a familiar tone of another melodic black metal from Norway that has made it big with this kind of music.
Even if I put a low rate to this release I will not hesitate to listening to future releases of this band.

Title:True North
Label: Century media
Date of release:19-09-27
Rate 5/10
Length: 59 minutes
Stand out track:Wild Fathers heart