I have learned to expect the unexpected when it comes to this band, simply because they basically mix all the musical type mismatches, those who ”shouldn’t” be able to be combined – and make them work, make them their own. And on this second album they have managed to put together 13 quite different songs, but every single one is still very characteristic for the band.

It’s kind of an extreme misch-masch, with influences from all genres – and beyond. Where else would you be able to hear Disney, metal, rock’n’roll, disco and who knows what, all merged together to create something familiar, but new…?

This is an album where insanity and laughter meets serious darkness and yes, everything in between. It brings smiles and tears, paired with laughter and strength.

And there is just so much beauty, like the ballad ”Weaver of Fate”, that gives me goosebumps.
All over.
Every time.
And the intense energy flowing through the complete album is simply beautiful, and like a breath of fresh air, even though the songs are inspired from different well-known musical categories.

And seriously.
There is NO way to write a review of this album without mentioning the amazing voice of the Valkyries Ylva Eriksson.
She is just outstandingly brilliant, finding all the nuances and emotional string touchers that reaches into the soul.

And combined with Joakim and Mats, the trio creates a powerful front, working in perfect harmony with the music.
Even though Ylva is a real queen and therefore the brightest shining star, this IS truly all about teamwork.

There is no doubt – these are very true brothers of metal.


Band: Brothers of Metal
Title: Emblas Saga
Label: AFM Records
Date of release: 10/1-20
Rate: 8/10
Stand Out Tracks: Hel, Weaver of Fate