Bruce Dickinson – Scream for me Sarajevo


1994, a city in Europe is under siege, Sarajevo is on the verge of the ruin. Then a rock band decides to go there, at risk for their own lives, to play. This is not a fictional story from Hollywood, no it is a story from real life. Bruce Dickinson and his band Skunkworks make this concert during a fierce war and the documentary is unique of its kind.

This CD contains 14 songs from that movie and it is a collection of material from “Balls to Picasso”, “Skunkworks”, “Accident of birth”, “The chemical wedding and” Tyranny of Souls “. Although the concert does not contain these songs, one has chosen to use material from these later albums. The 90’s was a decade when heavy metal was on recession and the materials that were written and published were not quite as good. It is also featured on Dickinson’s material, in Iron Maiden he always had support from Steve Harris and Adrian Smith at the song writing, but in the 1990s he usually stood for himself. However, he received some help from Roy Z and later Adrian Smith.

“Change of heart” is a quieter song but one of the better he gave out as a solo artist. “Tears of the Dragon” once again shows his skill to write melancholic songs with a strong song effort. One of the best songs he gave out during his solo career. I’m not going to go through all the songs as it’s a collection and nothing’s new. The album itself is not directly a hit , but here it’s the film that’s the essence. If you are not a collector, you can jump the disc and bet on the movie instead.

Artist: Bruce Dickinson
Title: Scream for me Sarajevo
Label: WMS
Date of release: 29/6-18
Rate: 6/10
Stand out track: Tears of the dragon

Jens Wärme

Jens Wärme


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