So here it is. Another 7 songs added to the EP ”Better Below” that I reviewed in April when the album initially was planned to be released.
Seven extra songs, does that change my grade from the smaller release? Not at all, just seven more quality songs added to the first 4.
Bury Tomorrow still has a purpose, they are still heavily involved in the same issues regarding mental health. Probably now more important and in your face with all the effects of Corona and all the extra stresses that adds to life in general.

What do the extra 7 tracks give then? Well, in my humble opinion they continue on the same path that the previously released songs do. The raw emotions invested in all songs are still there, the personal experience is so present you can almost touch it. You can certainly hear it in every tone either growled or sung on this album. I stand by my earlier point, this is a good example of when personal investment and commitment really works and does add to the ride that is “Cannibal”.

For specific songs, there is a high level throughout, but they are quite diverse and you have ”Quake” that is slow and heavy but so present and draws you in. ”Imposter” is a quicker number and more melodic, but again delivered with impeccable timing and composure between growl and the agonising clean singing. Jason Cameron and Daniel Winter-Bates are doing a fine job throughout.

For me who really is no fan of metalcore this was/is a nice experience and also a reminder to myself to not be so comfortable in just going for same old, same old. Music is such a fickle creature as we humans are. But for most of us we decide quite quickly if a genre/sub-genre suits us or if it blows. And we are often very hard to convince that we might actually like a few things in that field that we swore we don´t ever travel to.

So, in closing: Bury Tomorrow has released a very energetic, tormenting and engaging album that delivers quality songs on important topics and with stern conviction that they know what they are doing. Who am I to argue with that?


Band: Bury tomorrow
Title: Cannibal
Label: Music For Nations
Rating: 8/10
Date of Release: 2020-07-03
Stand Out Track: Imposter