This is a new discovery for me: Enter four long haired English men known as City Of Thieves. They are here to teach you about how rock n roll music should be played in 2018.
Their diet consists of Danko Jones, Airbourne and of course AC/DC. The latter can be heard throughout the record. Yes ripped off straight through but not in a bad way.

The record are produced by former singer of Little Angels Toby Jepson and mixed by world renowned studio legend Mike Fraser (yes! He has worked with the bands supposedly biggest heroes, and a band named Metallica). If you close your eyes you find yourself in the backstreets of sunset strip, but no way near bands with giant hair and spandex. Here you are fed with whiskey and some well-oiled badass AC/DC riffs. Those UK youngsters will make your body dance like you haven´t done in years.

Pretend that it´s weekend time and you are about to have the time of your life, City of Thieves could easily be your company: Modern day rock n roll at its best I shall say. Catchy melodies that is easy to singalong to. Take a song like “Control” and listen to it, don´t say I warned you about songs that get stuck in your head in a good way. If the stars align this might be the next big rock band. I can see a good future for those boys for sure.

When “Control” and “Incinerator” comes crashing into your world you decide to buy this record. It certainly grew on me very quick. Well then, Put your boots on and go dancing into the world of City Of Thieves for real, if I haven´t convinced you yet? “Animal” should do it.
After those songs “Right to silence” let you catch your breath after they´ve messed you up good with their high octane rock. They´ve put you in a chair with a shot of whiskey and gathered around you with a smile on their faces because they can see that they´ve conquered yet another sceptic rocker into their world, and yes! Don´t you tap your foot there under the table?
By the time”Born to be great” goes on they´ve thrown you into a cabriolet car going into the bright future for this band. Jamie´s got the steering wheel while you let yourself enjoy the ride through the sunny roads ahead with the wind in your hair and a cold drink of choice You go along those last songs just enjoying what you hear. You´re up and running, singing along to “Damage” try to convince your best friend or neighbor that this is what they should listen to. What happens at the end of the party? Well a certain Swedish rock band called Backyard Babies gets up and join the fun on “Give it away”.

By the time “something for nothing” echoes out, you are left in the seat of the car thinking about what you just experienced.
For me THIS is rock n roll. THIS is rock n roll future! Forget about Danko Jones forget about Airbourne. City Of Thieves are here and they are here to stay

DATE OF RELEASE: 2018-10-12
RATE: 8/10