Civil War review – Sabaton Open Air 2018


The biggest question was if the new singer Kelly Sundown Carpenter could replace Nils Patrik Johansson as Civil Wars new singer. The answer is yes even if the beginning of the show wasn’t that impressive. I don’t know if Kelly was nervous but the fact is that he didn’t reach up where I wanted him to be in the opening songs “USS Monitor” and “Saint Patricks Day”. After that something changed and the rest of the gig was pretty amazing to watch. Civil War has always been a good live-act where Daniel Myhr (the general) pours up behind his keyboard and they also have one of the most hard hitting drummer in the metal world. Daniel Mullback is also one of the best drummers in the metal world. Petrus Granar and Rikard Sundén complete each other in their way of playing guitar.

This night they show the audience that home is where your heart is and they’re performing 13 songs during their time on stage. Their second album “Gods And Generals” are in my opinion one of the best, perhaps the best, albums released from 2010 and forward. If I see it with those eyes I surely missed songs like “Schindler’s Ark”, “Admiral Over The Oceans” and “Tears From The North” but instead of complaining I’m fully satisfied with the setlist the band delivered. “Tombstone” was definitely one of the highlights and “Bay Of Pigs” is a brilliant song live as well on record. I’m looking forward to hear Kelly on record and I hope a new album will be released soon. I’m also looking forward to see Civil War live in 2035 when they play “Gods And Generals” in it’s entirety to celebrate its 20th anniversery.

Who: Civil War
Where: Sabaton Open Air, Falun
When: 16/8-18
Stand out track: Bay Of Pigs
Rate: 8/10

1. USS Monitor
2. Saint Patrick’s Day
3. Sons Of Avalon
4. Gettysburg
5. Lucifer’s Court
6. Deliverance
7. Brother Judas
8. Braveheart
9. Gods And Generals
10. Tombstone
11. I Will Rule The Universe
12. Bay Of Pigs
13. Rome Has Fallen

Johan Hagberg

Johan Hagberg

Editor & writer

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