Cleanbreak – Coming Home


With a short stint in Quiet Riot and quite a decent solo album James Durbin return to the spotlight with a new project that was formed around a homage to American heavy metal bands like Riot (Mike Flyntz of Riot V plays the guitar on the album) and Fifth Angel. To help him out Frontiers brought in Perry Richardson and Robert Sweet from Stryper.

I think this is not so much US Heavy metal, well not the classic 80s US Heavy Metal. This is pure melodic heavy metal through and through. First track “Coming Home” is an up-tempo song, a perfect starter for the album.
Please! If you get itches from the band name Stryper. Please put some balm on your ears and take a listen. It’s only the 2 members of the band in this project. Here you have a fantastic singer and no obvious Christianity thrown at you through the lyrics.

This is a great album. Kind of refreshing. Try to put my finger on it but it might need some more rounds of listening’s. In the song “Dying breed” James almost sounds like Erik Mårtensson.

“We are the warriors” is a favourite when all is said and done here. But there are a lot of great songs here.
And as “No Other Heart” fades out I discover that there is no slow song on this album, not one ballad…. But hey! This is one great album!

Band: Cleanbreak
Title: Coming Home
Label: Frontiers Records
Date of release: 22-07-08
Stand Out track: We are the warriors
Country of origin: USA
Playing Time:45.22





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Cleanbreak – Coming Home

July 9, 2022

This is a great album. Kind of refreshing.

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