Corroded – Bitter


Heavy duty modern metal from the north of Sweden just became even more heavy duty. Bitter is an ambitious album and also the heaviest they have done so far.

After the soft and rather promising “Bitter – INTRO” they set off in full blast. And on full blast it remains to the bitter(end). With both boots on solid American ground and their heads in the northern skies they deliver exactly what I believe every of their fan wants them to deliver.  Since Corroded are no stranger to the roads they know what their fans want. So what’s wrong giving them just that? Well, it sort of becomes a bit too much of the same thing, over and over again. It’s like a chocolate cake with chocolate on it, some more in the middle, filled with chocolate sauce, topped with chocolate, even more on the top and with chocolate icing to crown it all.

The chocolate cake syndrom doesn’t only concern the composition of the songs, it carries through the arrangement and mixing as well. Sometimes the guitars are so massive that the drums just can’t cut through and cannot drive the songs forward. It becomes a massive flow of chocolate running from intro, through verses, bridges and choruses. I forget the songs, can’t point out which one is which. In the end nothing sticks, not a riff, not a chorus besides “Breating”. And that is such a shame. If they just have had someone with them that said “no” or “hold on guys” I thing it would have brought necessary nuances to this album.

I like Corroded and I want this to be good, but “Bitter” is unfortunately also a suitable title for the album. Because Corroded actually sounds bitter on it. Not charming like grumpy old men or melancholic sad. They are bitter – through and through. And bitterness is not a very inspiring state of mind. That is why I don’t get inspired by it.

Artist: Corroded

Album: Bitter

Label: Despotz Records

Date: 25 January 2019

No. of tracks:  12

Running time: 52 minutes

Standout track: Breathing

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Corroded – Bitter

February 1, 2019

I like Corroded and I want this to be good, but "Bitter" is unfortunately also a suitable title for the album.

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