Craft – White Noise and Black Metal


Craft is a band that once stood proud as one the most hateful and nihilistic Swedish black metal bands around. The utter desperation and despise they channeled in their early work is hard to beat even today by any aspiring band, no matter how talented. For me though, something happened during the long hiatus between “Fuck the Universe” (2005) and “Void” (2011). Most of the rawness and desperation had disappeared and the music was more structured, or “mature”, in loss of a better word. This development had started already on “Fuck the Universe”, but on that it was done with a certain finesse. Even if maturity far from always is a bad thing, I didn’t really like “Void”… Now, after yet another long wait for all their fans, it’s time for the follow up with the rather daunting title “White Noise and Black Metal”.

With that name this could’ve been a colossus and I really want to love this, I mean REALLY, but unfortunately there’s something missing for me. The songs aren’t really bad, the sound is good, the riffs are pretty cool, but still, it doesn’t manage to be memorable enough. The album is one of those that you feel is good when you listen to it, but afterwards you can’t really remember anything specific about it. Also the laid back Abbath style grunting that Nox has replaced his ultra desperate screams with isn’t really my bag. This is all a shame when there’s still cool riffs and a nice theme to the whole thing, even the cover is great. Hopefully Craft will release a new album within the next 10 years (they do like their breaks) and hopefully that one will catch my interest for more than just while listening to it.

Artist: Craft
Title: White Noise and Black Metal
Label: Season of Mist
Date of release: 2018-06-22
Playing time: 42,18
Rate: 5/10
Stand out track: Possibly “Undone” – some cool heavy metal style riffing going on there.

Niklas Svensson

Niklas Svensson


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