Modern heavy/power metal is brought to the table here and another band that would have been labeled “female fronted” in every other review and interview. I will try not to refer to it too much in that way. The record label has come up with yet another label for bands to be put into NWOTHM(new wave of traditional heavy metal) and that is more suitable than anything.

I think that If they´re given the right conditions for tours and support from AFM records they might reach out to more people. Martas vocals might be a bit thin but to Crystal Vipers music it fits right in. Happy to say halfway through that this band should be paid more attention to, (if you ignore your predictions about female fronted bands that is). Its heavy, its melodic and its performed perfectly however, I feel that sometimes they go a bit too close to the cheesier part of power metal. And then…seven songs in they find the path so many other bands in this part of metal do: they go hand in hand with Within Temptation for a while.

All of a sudden an Interlude appears and they loose steering pace for a bit but it´s recovered with “Tomorrow never comes” whose intro might have been snatched from the Pretty Maids song “Back To Back”? And to continue the loaning part “Tears of Arizona” could have been from the Nightwish era with Tarja any day. A good record that might get more chances in the future.

Artist: Crystal Viper
Title Tales of fire and ice
Label: AFM
Date of release: 19-11-22
Rating: 6/10
Stand Out Track: Tomorrow Never Comes