Dan McCafferty – Last Testament


When I witnessed my first Nazareth concert in 2010, I was shocked and intensly impressed. The main reason for that was Dan McCaffertys voice, which sounded exactly like I was back in 1976 and listening to a thirty year old man singing the bands recent single Telegram. With that memory in mind, I was even more fascinated when the band a couple of years later announced that Dan was gonna leave the band because of vocal problems. Seeing how so many classic rock bands are out there singing tunes their classic singers really can’t carry anymore, I just loved how Dan sang it all perfectly and undisputed all the way into his seventies, and as soon as the voice couldn’t carry the tunes anymore, he threw in the towel and left the game. Truly respectful, I must say!

The downside of all this was of course that we didn’t get to hear Dans voice anymore. But this seems to be something he himself also missed, and so he started to make appearances as a solo artist. Now, finally, we have Last Testament, his first solo album since his departure from Nazareth.

This is a mellow album with a lot of slow songs and melancholy moods. But it’s also a warm album with a lot of heart and uplifting folk music elements from the singers scottish heritage. It feels genuine and it feels good. With that said, it’s no masterpiece. None of the songs are really remarkable or anything like that, it just a nice album that works from start to finish. I guess it all comes down to what this review started out with: Dans voice. It clearly isn’t the same voice I heard at Sweden Rock Festival nine years ago, but it sure is a strange voice. Scarred by age and (I guess) a rough life on the road, it sure does sound broken in many ways. But his heart is still there, and for this music, the voice works so much better than if he had tried to write an album with a bunch of new Razamanazs. So once again, Dan McCafferty proves his to have (for the hard rock industry, at least) an incredibly unusual self awareness and pulls off another album at the age of 73 with a scarred voice but a strong heart still beating behind it. Damn, you’re so cool, Dan!

Artist: Dan McCafferty
Title: Last Testament
Label: earMUSIC
Date of release: 18/10-19
Time: 66,12

Rating: 6/10
Standout track: Why

Anton Stenlund

Anton Stenlund