Dare – Live Fryshuset Stockholm 10/3-19


A rock gig on a sunday in Stockholm is not the optimal day for a good turnout. A good thing here was that the show had an half an hour earlier start than the normal gigs.
I was very skeptical when I arrived to Fryshuset and the queue was nonexistent. Looking in through the glass doors of the arena I feared the worse, not even half full lobby.

But when the time came for Dare it was more people than I ever imagined. If it was because of that Darren Wharton had a big smile all over his face during the whole set or it is just his persona I don´t know, but a happier frontman I haven´t seen since forever. On record Dare might be a bit soft for some people but live they make the songs heavier but still so you can hear that it is Dare performing. Wasn´t really that big fan of the band before. But now I do enjoy them in a completely different way.

I have been to gigs since 1988 but I had never seen the band live. So when it was announced that they were to play Stockholm I was demanded by my best friend that it was time to finally see them live. And it´s something I don’t regret today. Great songs performed in a way far better than on record with a tight band backing Darrens perfectly suited soulful vocals in a splendid way. They do have the catalogue for a 18 song set, no long boring solos, not Mille Petrozza speeches. Only “Tack”, “Tousen tack” and “Thank you very much” and a quick presentation of the next song is what we are served. The biggest cheer of the evening came of course when Darren announced “Emerald” as a song written by his former boss and his own tribute to mr Lynott in “King Of Spades”..
If you like good rock music with celtic tones and great melodies Dare is a band to look out for. I can promise you one great evening of entertainment.

RATING: 7/10

Peter Andersson Öhrn

Peter Andersson Öhrn


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