Title track of the album gets this Thrashparty started. A pompously intro turns into a Mille Petrozza kind of roar. Going down the Kreator path the whole song is something the German veterans should been proud of If they´ve written it. A thrash metal song hitting you right in solar plexus. A repetitive “this is who I am” leads you on through the song and makes it kind of an anthem. A great start to the 9th album from the band. Mark spits out the lyrics as frantic as ever.
“Divine Defector” is the second full force sonic attack from the band. Moshpits be aware, the bay area thrashers are coming to invite you all. It strikes me that I find Mark Osegueda as a singer that must take great care of his voice. Spitting those razor sharp lyrics in our face without failing a bit is impressive. I am aware that it is a studio record where such things can be fixed, but I doubt he makes fans disappointed live.

“Aggressor”. We all say thank you for letting us breathe here for a minute. A sneaky calm melody introduces a more melodic side to the band, not far from the godfathers Slayer when they slow down a bit. They have a song about their fanbase on this album, but “I came for blood” though might be their tribute to bands that made the band members start listening to metal in the first place . A song that has got a somewhat catchy melody.
“Immortal behated” is  a title made for knocking you out. But another song where we can relax for a minute and just enjoy. The song is maybe a minute or so too long, but might end up on a few playlists in the future anyway. They prove once again that they can write great songs with catchy melodies. It even features a piano part! “Alive and screaming”. Ah yes, here´s the revenge on us trying to lower our guards. Not as brutal as “Divine defector” though but enough to get you going again.

“The Pack” is the tribute to their loyal fan base. Also a song that could be about the brotherhood of metal community. If this was a Power Metal band that did this song it would´ve been very cheesy I think. Death Angel will never be Power Metal even if they try so except for the “oooohhh” chorus, it´s an okay song. You might get to hear this live. “Ghost of me” must be what I call “passing through song”. All what Death Angel is and nothing more, nothing less. A kind of statement about what the band is about to those who haven´t heard them before.

“Revelation song”. A fateful wet blanket is laid all over the song. Not focus on the furious part of the bands performance, more of a Progressive song. They flash their most groovy side here. A bit different than all the other tracks on the album, still a song that keeps you on your toes. “Of rats and men”. Of course a thrash metal album shall go out with a furious bang. The vocalist tries his best to tear his vocal chords to shreds for the final time on the album and it ends with a snap of the finger. A very nice wrap up song.

Artist: Death Angel
Album: Humanicide
Label: Nuclear Blast
Date of release: 19-05-31
Rating: 7/10
stand out tracks:”Immortal Behated” ,”Revelation Song”