Dirty Shirley – Dirty Shirley


Mix Ronnie James Dio, Sebastian Bach with an early David Coverdale and you have the singer Dino Jelusic, his greatness as a singer will reach great success, no doubt. With his own band Animal Drive he has released 1 album with his own material and 1 EP with covers from Whitesnake to Skid Row to Roxette! Behind the project band Dirty Shirley is George Lynch who absolutely wanted to have this amazing singer in his project. On the self-titled debut album, the music and production is made by George Lynch. If you like Lynch Mob then you will like this album. It is typically George Lynch when it comes to the music and Dino’s voice fits perfectly well. But I think Dino has a better chance of coming up as a singer on his own with his own band.

Artist: Dirty Shirley
Title: Dirty Shirley
Label: Frontiers Records
Date of release: 24/1-20
Rate: 7/10
Standout track: Here comes the king


Dino Jelusic – lead vocals

George Lynch – guitars

Trevor Roxx – bass

Will Hunt – drums

Jens Wärme

Jens Wärme


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