Disturbed – Evolution


Disturbed have made another album. Actually, the review could end right here. There is not much more to the story. No really bad tracks and on the other hand nothing that sticks either. A very typical American production. The same drum sounds as on most of the albums from the “greatest nation on the Earth”. The guitars are…guitars and David Draymen does as an impeccable work as always). As usual the melodies are good, sometimes great and quite often there is a modern twist on synthesizers.

But I can’t help the feeling of “another album, another tour.” Disturbed is a very professional live act and that is probably how they bring home their bacon. Because this album in itself won’t. It is so anonymous it becomes frustrating. It is streamlined to the level of in self-intinction. And why, with all the studios in the states, does every rock/metal act use the exact same trigger samples for the drums?

Disturbed knows their shit. They’ve sold over 10 million albums. But I don’t think they wanted to do this one. They named it Evolution, but there is none.

Band: Disturbed
Title: Evolution
Label: Reprise/Warner Music Sweden
Date of release: 19/10-18
Rate: 5/10
Stand out track: In Another Time, This Venom

Marcus Hanser

Marcus Hanser


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