Doro – Forever Warriors, Forever United

Doro – Forever Warriors, Forever United


If you’re listening to a new album by Doro, you kind of know what to expect. And yeah, this album offers very few surpises, except for being a double album. But still, I must admit, that from the very first notes in opening track All for Metal, I’m hooked. My fist flies into the air, my neck starts to swing my head back and forth, my mouth sings along with the lyrics and my body moves to the rhythms. It might be predictable, it may have been done a thousand times before, but it’s still oh so damn effective!

All throughout, Forever Warriors, the first of the two albums on this double package, Doro provides one of the most effective heavy metal party-soundtracks in recent years. Future live classic All for Metal, brutal Bastardos, beauty and the beast-ballad If I Can’t Have You (with Amon Amarths Johan Hägg on guest vocals), rock ‘n’ roll powerhouse Turn it Up, Whitesnake-cover Don’t Break My Heart Again, smooth ballad Love’s Gone to Hell and obligatory track in german Freunde Fürs Leben, all form a great part in a typical but yet great Doro-album that strikes the exact right notes, making this her best album since the 2006 succes Warrior Soul.

The second album, Forever United, however, isn’t as powerful. It lacks the imediete hits, and doesn’t hit you as hard as the first one. Even though no songs are weak, it kind of sinks the experience to a slightly lower level, making this a really good, but not great Doro-album.

In the end, the first album is good enough to buy the whole package, so if you’re a Doro-fan, just go ahead and buy it. Myself, I will. And i will continue to swing my head back and forth and raise my hand into the air as I listen to it!

Band: Doro
Title: Forever Warriors, Forever United
Label: Nuclear Blast
Date of release: 16/8-18
Time: 80,18
Rate: 7
Stand out track: All for Metal

Anton Stenlund
Authored by: Anton Stenlund