Dynazty – Firesign


Unlike many others, I wasn’t all that captivated by Dynaztys breakthrough album Sultans of Sin back in 2012. It was a decent hair metal throwback but not much more, and since then, I haven’t kept track of the band that much. Their new album Firesign shows quite a different band. It feels much more modern and less nostalgic towards the 80’s and instead mixes the sound and melodies of a modern AOR-album with heavier riffs and a speed closer to power metal. The songs are overall fast and heavy, but also drenched in modern keyboards. It’s a strange mix, but it works and fits in quite nicely with the current rock scene.

So much for the sound, but how about the songs? Well… they’re catchy! Some refrains are really powerful, especially those of The Grey, In the Arms of the Devil, Firesign and The Light Inside of the Tunnel. When I hear them, I think they’re great, but the album as a whole doesn’t grip me as hard. It’s hard to point out what’s lacking. It could be a lack of variation since most songs are forged in the same fast ‘n catchy tradition, or it could be the modern production. Either way, my points stop at six strong stars, despite the potentials to go higher.

In the end, I recommend fans of melodic rock to give Firesign a spin. It’s a piece of really good pop metal and I have a hunch that the album has the ability to grow on me. I’m not totally bewildered by this album, but I will keep a closer eye on Dynazty in the future.

Band: Dynazty
Title: Firesign
Label: AFM
Date of release: 28/9-18
Time: 49,38
Rate: 6/10
Stand out tracks: The Grey

Anton Stenlund

Anton Stenlund


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