Dynazty – The Dark Delight


Dynazty started their journey towards the stars back in 2008 and released their debut album the year after. Their earlier material can be categorised as melodic hard rock tinged with sleaze influences but from the knockout that was “Renatus” (2014) onward the band are now a hard hitting semi-progressive metal juggernaut with more hooks than the killer from “I Know What You Did Last Summer”-franchise.

And boy do they deliver those hooks by the truckload on this, their seventh album. I usually write long, rambling (and a bit boring according to some) reviews, studying each and every track in detail in order to find that inner core, the very center and meaning of each song.
That won´t be the case today. Because there is no need to. After five listens I find myself dumbstruck. And that does not happen often. Each and every song on this musical triumph ranges from very good to absolutely flawless. Whether it is the Nightwish-esque “Heartless Madness”, the cocky swagger of opener “Presence of Mind”, the rousing chorus of “Threading The Needle”, the raging fury of “From Sound to Silence”, the haunting beauty of “Hologram” or the very original, western influenced “The Road to Redemption”.

Dynazty is one of those bands where there simply is no weak link in the chain. Individually they all shine on “The Dark Delight” but I can´t resist paying homage since Nils Molins incredible vocals simply need to be acknowledged. He gives the performance of a lifetime. And the wonderfully widdly guitar heroics of Love Magnusson and Mikael Lavér continues their ascent as one of the best guitar wielding duos since Marty Friedman and Jason Becker went shred crazy in Cacophony back in the eighties. Phenomenal drummer Georg Härnsten Egg also demands a shout out as do the playful and tight basslines from four string phantom Jonathan Olsson.

Have Dynazty delivered the first bona fide, stone cold classic of the decade? Time will tell but as far as this geezer is concerned the answer is a a resolute: YES!

Rating 9.5 needle threading architects out of 10

Band: Dynazty
Title: The Dark Delight
Release Date: 3rd april 2020
Label: AFM Records
Duration: 56 minutes
Place of origin: Sweden
Standout tracks: Paradise of The Architect, Waterfall but they´re all good.

Martin Nygren

Martin Nygren

Hi! I know that I´m so old, I´m practically ancient but my insatiable need for new and exiting music sustains this craggy husk of a man one day at a time. Should I happen upon a great progressive rock/metal album it results in almost immediate surge of childish glee and an urge to tell the world about just how brillliant this particular album is. Then I usually rant about random stuff and bore everyone to death with meaningless anectdotes usually about Doctor Who and yelling at kids to get off my lawn. Ok. Now you know everything about me there is to know. Cheers/ Marty Metuselah Nygren

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