Blackened Death Metal? Deathened Black Metal? Groovened Death/Black Metal? I don´t care.
This is a hard, fast & chaos ladened album.
It has got blast beats, grooves, angry screaming, atmosphere and a lot of quality. This is an experience and a challenge (in a good way) to take on.

Looking at the evolution of this Aussie band; I will have to say that with their third album, it leans towards that the band is more solid now than the first two releases. They can be accused of going in several directions without direction if you know what I mean.
And even though it looks like I am contradicting myself in this rewiev that is not the case. The album is more collected but it is collected by being all over the place in an orderly fashion.
The description from the bands singer Jared Bridgeman is that this is a concept album about some of the darker experiences in life and how you deal with them.
(source: https://www.insertreviewhere.com/post/interview-jared-bridgeman-of-earth-rot?fbclid=IwAR0Lmi0XPX8smewzN5WiYl8Iij2qdKJU9BXTW342wMeksUi5CJ_tOCueqAc)

For me, this album challenges you as a listener. I am not someone who spends a lot of time listening to Black metal. It simply bores the shit out of me most of the time. Live, I love it. It is a completely different experience to see than it is to hear, in my humble, personal opinion.
But this album has me listening for the whole album. I do not get distracted, or anxious. When something does not grab me, I tend to want to do other things and the music is just static in the background.
This just doesn´t. The reasoning for the opening text is what I am still fighting with. This is hard and extreme metal, sure. But not easy to put in a specific compartment. That depends on the song.

”Cape of Storms” reminds me of Entombed in their prime. The led-heavy riff that start that song is very reminiscent of Entombed. The whole song is a little bit of a malplaced song but at the same time it weaves so many different references in 4 minutes I get a bit dissy.
I get the already stated reference of Entombed, but in the middle of the song I think: Extreme!! Should not be, but that is what i hear. And then it just turns and you go on a straight ride to the darkest abyss of hell.
It is my favourite song of the album.

All in all, I need a break now. It is like going on a rollercoaster blindfolded. All your sences need to be on alert for the duration of the ride, and you get a lot of different sensations in the time it takes to travel with the album from start to finish.

Band: Earth Rot
Title: Black Tides Of Obscurity
Label: Seasons Of Mist
Date of release: 6/3-20
Rate: 8/10
Stand Out Track: Cape of Storms