The long buried music of Wes Borland’s forgotten (but once much hyped) Eat The Day has finally seen the light of day. When Wes Borland left Limp Bizkit back in 2001, many were excited over what the enigmatic guitarist would do next now free from the more commercial shackles of the band that made him famous.

Since he left Limp Bizkit at the height of their fame, there was much interest when he almost immediately after announced the creation of his new band Eat The Day. Borland soon found himself on a long and fruitless search for a vocalist worthy of singing over his brand of strange heavy metal. No actual songs were ever completed. Now, all instrumentals  for these would-be songs have gotten an official release as the aptly titled album ‘The Demos’.

‘The Demos’ sounds exactly like what it is, half-finished but skillfully played instrumentals. The music is filled to the brim with colorful riffs that sounds almost impossible to sing over. This happens sometimes when a lead guitarist gets to write exactly all of the music.

If you enjoy Wes Borland’s guitar playing (like many do) then there is actually much to enjoy here. The music could probably best be described as a sort of “early Tool meets late Pink Floyd” combination, with lots of clean delay guitar passages and heavy riffing with custom guitars on expensive amps.

It’s a bit unfortunate that this music got released as a throwaway album rather than just being finished in its original vision, as the music hints on what could have been one of the best modern metal albums of the 00’s.

Artist: Eat The Day
Title: The Demos
Label: Edison Sound Records
Date of release: 8/4-20
Rate: 7/10
Stand out track:  Whalephant