Eclipse – Paradigm


I knew i´d like this from the point where I got to choose the record to review. Eriks vocals is one of the most powerful voices in rock/metal. He´d have his calendar full of different projects if he wanted. Some might call it Eurovision rock, that feels ok as long as they don´t call it AOR.

If Dream Theater is musicians music for people studying at a high level Eclipses music should be a formula for any melodic rock band out there. They walk beside the cheesier side of metal without plunge right into the ditches. Just as it´s read in the promotion material “arena rock choruses with heavy guitars”. And that is one product declaration I can stand behind. It´s getting crowded in the highest part of “best album” in 2019 area.

From the intro to the first song of the album “Viva La Victoria” I find myself nodding my head and trying to sing along to the songs. Fantastic musicianship throughout, nothing surprising to those who´s been following them since before, just a head up from me too. Semi ballad “Shelter Me” is a stand out track this far but that can change on any given listening session. No “lighter in the air” song, just the band slowing down a bit. Catchy melodies and perfect performed vocals. Call it power ballad if you like but don´t compare to the Scorpions or Poison ballads of the late 80´s .

I am totally floored from now on. You would NOT want to miss this if melodic rock is your cup of morning coffee.”United” is a simple song made to singalong without even notice you do. My music drenched mind reacts to the comparison to Uriah Heeps “Lady In Black” in the intro. Even a bit of celtic influences are stuck into the song. Alright then, sixth song “Delirious” sounds a bit like a song put into Eurovision Song Contest just to have a so called rock song in the competition (Eclipse did actually appear on Eurovision Song contest in 2016). Finding myself just become a fan listening to this album. Almost forgetting to review it. No more words are found to describe it.
And for all the Swedes listening to the album. Pay attention to the basspart at the end of “38 or 44”!

“The Masquerade” should fit fine on rock radio stations all over the rock world.
Superlatives for this one is so outdated that I need new words to describe it. Even the final track surprises me. “Take Me Home” is if you can imagine a heavier Dare. As it has vibes resemblances of the tracks Gary Moore sang to remember his Ireland can also be heard. I did think that they´d go out with a tearfilled ballad but No!

Next big thing from Sweden?

Band: Eclipse
Title: Paradigm
Label: Frontiers Records
Date of release: 19-10-11
Rate: 8/10
Stand Out track(s): Shelter Me, United, The Masquerade,

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Eclipse – Paradigm

October 16, 2019

I am totally floored from now on. You would NOT want to miss this if melodic rock is your cup of morning coffee.

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