The talented muscians in Eclipse have always been able to write good songs. Their only problem is that they rarely write songs that sticks out that much in the crowded melodic rock territory. Through the years, they have made rougher albums and softer albums, but they always come up with the same decent result. Nothing wrong with that really, but, you know…

So is Wired any different than the bands previous albums? Not really. It starts out pretty good and stays that way to the very end. I guess the fault shows its face quite early on in the opening track Roses on Your Grave, which starts off the album with a really great riff and a melody that promises greatness. Then Erik Mårtensson starts to sing and you can tell they have used autotuning. Which is so unnecessary, because Mårtensson really can sing, just listen to the last refrain in Twilight! But like many albums of today, Wired is dragged down with a modern production that bundles all the instruments together on the same level. I would have loved to hear Mårtensson sing (without autotune) on a slightly louder level than the instruments, like in the old days, where the volume increased with every instrument. Now, everything is mixed to stay on the same level at all time. Ridiculous.

Well, that’s for the production. A somewhat smaller problem are the refrains. Not that they are bad, they are just a bit standard and predictable. The refrain is supposed to take the song to the next level, but these ones just doesn’t. And so most songs ends up okay, instead of great, even though Dying Breed, and Twilight are some really good tunes.

So what is great, then? Like always, the riffs are superb, the performances are strong and the band feel hungry and energized. If Eclipse throw this modern production in the bin and started to write some less predictable refrains, they could really live up to the hype. Until then, enjoy this another okay and fully decent Eclipse album.

Artist: Eclipse
Title: Wired
Label: Frontiers
Date of release: 8/10 -21
Time: 41,10

Rating: /10
Standout track: Dying Breed