Electric Boys – The Ghost Ward Diaries

Electric Boys – The Ghost Ward Diaries


With their third release since the reunion in 2009, Electric Boys has now released just as many albums as they did before the split-up all those years ago, after an original career spanning over a period shorter than since the band has been reunited up until now. Thankfully, the band still know their stuff.

The Ghost Ward Diaries rocks on nicely and swings in the right direction all the way through, and some songs, such as “There She Goes Again”, “Love is a Funny Feeling” and “Gone Gone Gone”, are really good hit songs. But overall, the album doesn’t reach the greatest heights of the bands career. If you’re a fan, you won’t be disapointed by this album, but you won’t be blown away either. It’s a classic Electric Boys-album with some really good songs and some weaker ones. It works, it’s good and it’s cool. But it’s absolutely nothing new.

Band: Electric Boys
Title: The Ghost Ward Diaries
Label: Mighty Music
Date of release: 23/11-18
Time: 35,50
Rate: 6/10
Stand out tracks: There She Goes Again

Anton Stenlund
Authored by: Anton Stenlund