Dark symphonic metal with similarities to Within Temptation. That was what i heard the first time i lend my ears to this band.

don´t think Nightwish. This is too heavy for that comparison.“Enemies” would fit perfectly to play when you´re a bit down and need to recharge your batteries.

Ava of death” floats by like a kind of program explanation of what the band is. I don´t listen to radio at all but this band is suited for mainstream radio and more radio play. And i believe they will progress more in the future.

As I Breathe”. A song that I feel would be the future formula of the band. Some might say “what´s the difference” but I think it´s the best track on the album here. This is ”My” Eleine. Wait a minute, ”Memoriam” is just as good!.

Mix those two tracks together and you have a winning formula. Trust me. And I who always said that albums reach it´s peak in the beginning will beg to differ here. ”Where your rotting corpse lie” (get that all you death metal bands)  is the third straight song who are fighting for the ”stand out track” crown but in the end just comes up with an honorable mention.

Artist: Eleine
Title: Dancing In Hell
Label: Sound Pollution/Black Lodge
Date of release: 20-11-27
Rating: 6/10
Stand Out Track: ”As I Breathe”