Eleine review – Sabaton Open Air 2018

Eleine review – Sabaton Open Air 2018


Eleine began to release singles already 2014. Earlier this year they released their second album “Until The End”. The album quickly went up on the charts and the band have an increasingly audience in several countries. They play Symphonic Metal which is not so common among Swedish hard rock bands. Eleine is still at the beginning of a career that should look bright.

Madeleine, the core of the band, has created a concept with a thoughtful image in everything from costumes to backdrop and the drums location on stage. Most of the stage works as a dance floor. As a singer she has a fantastic, clean voice that fits very well with this type of metal. As a nice contrast, there are elements of growl in many songs.

The gig begins with a mighty instrumental intro before the band with their costumes and painted faces enter the stage. When Madeleine herself sweeps in, it´s by the guise of a magical belly dancer with an oriental aura. Her dance and movement patterns are in total sync with both text and music which adds an extra dimension to the show. She tells stories, more than just singing songs. It is theatrical although it is not in the same class as bands like Avatar. One of the “problems” with festivals is that many bands play in daylight. This gig had definitely been even better after sunset when the lights have had a better effect.

After a while Madeleine’s beautiful clothes is complemented by big horns that quickly transforms her from belly dancer to a toxic she-devil in a moment. She is credible in her role and the whole band makes a really good effort. At the end of the show she performs with golden wings. Perhaps it is a sign that Eleine is heading up to the absolute peak of Swedish metal bands. The future are about to tell where the journey ends. If you like Symphonic Metal, you should put this band on your “to see-list”.

Who: Eleine

Where: Sabaton Open Air 2018

When: 2018-08-18

Stand out track: Hell Moon

Rate: 7/10

Elise Pavicic
Authored by: Elise Pavicic