Enemy Within – Fallen
Rating: 8/10

The music business in and of itself is somewhat of a paradox. In this day and age music is not bought as a physical product like it was in the past and therefore very few artists can make a living as a musician. However, creating and recording an album can be done at home with a decent computer, a bit of know-how and voila; a great sounding recording that would have cost tens of thousands dollars just a few years ago. I don´t pretend to know what kind of budget Enemy Within had for their debut album, “Fallen” but it sounds great. Punchy, powerful and with a nice mix of old school-vibes and modern production values, courtesy of the awesome sound wizard Teddy Möller.

The songs then, what about them, you ask? Well, they are almost uniformally good. This is well written and arranged heavy metal featuring some wonderful multiharmony vocals accentuated by brutal death metal screams. This record is chock full of terrific choruses and hooks. Instrument wise drummer Andreas Mollwing must be commended for his tight and groovy tub thumping, always tasteful and driving the songs forward.

Having been around the block a few times since their inception back in 2007, biding their time and letting the song material mature while tending to hone their skills has only been for their advantage. The only thing that grinds my gears a bit is the swedish accent shining through here and there from the otherwise great vocalist Hannes Sundell but that is a minor squibble. His vocal delivery on my favorite song on the album, “The Storm of Ares” is terrific and the choirs on that particular track hints that the band that has listened to Symphony X and Queen, which of course merits praise in my book.

I heartily recommend that you, dear reader, do have a listen or fifty on Spotify or preferably buy the album directly from the band. Great work guys! I´m really looking forward to following your ascent towards bigger and even better things.

Rating: 8/10
Band: Enemy Within
Title: Fallen
Release Date: June 19th 2020
Label: Independent release
Duration: 60 minutes
Place of origin: Skellefteå, Sweden
Standout tracks: The Storm of Ares, The Last Enigma, Behind Curtains of Rust