Among all the bands that broke out along with the Muskelrock-generation about ten years ago, Enforcer are the ones who today seem to be the most praised and succesful, and there’s a reason for that. In a world where a lot of bands produce a bunch of cheap nostalgia, trying so hard to sound like 1981, they never provide the great songs that a really good metal album out of 1981 crave. But Enforcer do.

Their sound has undoubtably broadened since their 2008 debut “Into the Night”. “Zenith” is the bands fifth album, and it takes this maturity one step further, making this a really quite powerful metal album full of energy, melodies, power and variation. Opening track “Die for the Devil” is an energetic hit song that reminds me of early Battle Beast, old school ballad “Regrets” reminds me of the ballads of swedish legends such as Neon Rose and Heavy Load, “Thunder and Hell” is a more of a powerful “raise your fist”-piece and “Ode to Death” is just a classic epic metal number.

I kind of feel the band moving away more and more from their speed metal past, seeing how the speed metal songs are – although far from bad – the weakest ones on the album. Still, I neither think they are about to abandon their roots or weaken their song writing. They are on a straight path going forward and this album will probably strengthen their reputation further at the same time as it will only expand the bands audience. For myself, I really quite like “Zenith”. It lacks something to really take the band to the absolute top, but it sure has potential to grow on me further, and so does the band as a whole. So if you are a fan of classic metal in its most basic form, don’t miss to check out “Zenith”. And keep a good eye on Enforcer in the future!

Band: Enforcer
Title: Zenith
Label: Nuclear Blast
Date of release: 26/4-19
Time: 46,29
Rate: 7/10
Stand out tracks: Regrets