I have seen Entombed before and after the AD. Both on a big stage and a medium stage. The experience yesterday was something new. A little house in a living room is the best way I can describe the venue. Nice and familiar(just ask LG Petrov today, a very happy participant ran up on stage twice to kiss him. When the French version was on the go LG had to firmly but nicely decline).

In these times of Corona, death metal does not seem to be something that you cancel because of fright. So it was suiting that the venue only hosts 100 people.

A few words about the opening act before we move on. Nice tempo and delivery of songs and performance, but imagination in titles? All songs had death and/or grave in them. Got a bit annoying in the end. Musically the group ripped the place apart, full on dedication from start to finish.

Coming into Entombed´s set it seemed like LG had forgotten his dark, sinister voice somewhere. I did not feel the commitment to start with. I even found myself more impressed with the condition of the bassplayers hair then the music. Not so good.

But a few songs into the set something changed. It was like someone switched LG into party mode. The voice was there, the contact with the small but engaged crowd suddenly found him. ”Torment Remains” & ”Bourbon Nightmare” kicked ass and started off the really nice part of this gig.

”Left Hand Path” delivered as it should. And no matter how many songs they spew out and play harder, faster and more commited, I will always love ”Night of The Vampire”. It is always the highlight of the setlist for me. Even though it is a cover.

After mentioned song tempo went down rapidly again. The last part of the set was not something to remember. More of an obliged last 15 minutes that had to be filled.
Sound during the whole show was a big plus. For such a small venue to have that good sound for both opening act and main act is commendable.

I might be getting too old as well, but too be sober and 40+ when you share a small venue with owergrown and overrefreshed middleaged men (mostly) that have a bit of a problem with controlling their larger than imagined frame made the experience somewhat worse.

In closing, the gig was up and down and not as commited as last time I saw the group rip Gävle apart in the summer of 2019, but on a personal level, it was a nice introduction to a nice little venue.

Who: Entombed A.D.
When: 13/3-20
Where: Avesta, Garaget
Rate: 6/10