Exhorder – Defectum Omnium


If it wasn’t for this band the world might never have gotten Pantera. The striking resemblances between Kyle and Phil are sometimes very obvious. And probably in the long run the band have influenced such wide range of bands who later became what might be known as groove metal (don’t you just love every labelling of bands).
And there is always that band that comes out first but are left on the station while some other band becomes bigger just because the stars align differently. Exhorder are one of those.

But thrash /groove/ hardcore/ sludge (whatever you want to call it) legends Exhorder are here again with a follow up to the bands 2019 release “Mourn The Southern Skies”. This album was produced by the band itself (and mixed by Jens Bogren).

The band has for some time counted Pat O Brien as a member of the band, which in some cases might seem surprising, but the band has said that he has served his sentence and are welcomed into the folds of Exhorder (he was arrested for burglary and assaulting a police officer while his Florida home were in flames back in 2018).

Kyle has been cited by online metal magazine Metal Injection to have said that this recording were one of the most exciting and enjoyable session he´s been a part of in decades. A song named “Divide and conquer” could been picked up from any power metal album but this isn’t that- in any way or form don´t you think that for one second. From Forever and Beyond Despair”,who is more a guide to the bands hardcore and punk roots, the band increased its paced, stepped up more to the Exhorder I got to know from the classic debut album “Slaughter in the Vatican”. Which is very nice. But some kind of order are restored with the following “The Tale of unsound mind” who also has a  bit of Trouble in it (no wonder since Kyle is a member of that band too).

When hearing Kyle slowly singing “Look at me now…” in “Taken by flames” I almost expect it to be followed by “I´m Broken…”. The title track is a 7+ minute long classic NOLA kind of song, it could easily been taken from any Down album. After taking a roundtrip passing Downs rehearsals, they return to what for me are Exhorder.

The Pantera it never became can be heard again in “Three Stages of truth-Lacing the well”. “Sedition” throws the listener back to the bands punkrock roots, so it’s a lot of everything for many metalheads/ punk rockers to discover on this album.

With the second to last song “Desensitized” they put the pedal to the metal and it feels like been thrown into a F1 car on an open stretch. Bowing out of this magnificent palette of music with a doomy “Your Six”, the band are joined by Trouble members Rick Wartell and Bruce Franklin. What a way to end this almost hour-long journey through NOLA based metal.

Defectum omnium 2024

Artist: Exhorder
Title:Defectum Omnium
Country: USA
Label: Nuclear Blast
Date of release: 8/3-24
Rate: 7/10
Stand out track: Forever and beyond Despair  / Year of the goat

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Exhorder – Defectum Omnium

March 16, 2024

The title track is a 7+ minute long classic NOLA kind of song, it could easily been taken from any Down album.

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