This is a dirty, filthy album. It almost sounds like it would smell bad. Stale weed, old food and old house.

I must give extra credit for anyone who just for no obvious reason screams out motherfucker in the middle of a song from seemingly nowhere and for no point at all.

I also must give credit to a band that has that as a first impression to still deliver a habitable album with charm a well as disgust. You can picture the band in a little dingy bar playing their asses of true to the genre with a singer screaming and spitting the venom from the front, hating all and everything.

But the music delivered has a lot of groove to it, it is in comparison to earlier material surprisingly diverse but still true to it´s roots. The non-hidden hatred and despair for the world and for issues in it is still strong, but the variation of the delivery of that gospel is varied and dynamic. My favorite “High risk Trigger” is even dare I say quite catchy. Not what you have come to expect really.

The album is mostly set in a sluggish tempo, so as it should. They do not hide their influence and haven´t really ever tried to hide that they have a holy shrine for Black Sabbath. But why should that be a disturbance? You take something you like and you do something cool with it. Sometimes it works like here, sometimes it doesn´t like in many other cases. I don´t get bothered by it. The songs themselves deliver a nice kind of angry harmony with slow, heavy riffs, spitting vocals and well worked over songs.

In summary this is not an easy album. Not that first choice for singalong or having a little pint together. It does entice you to want to listen through the album a few times for it to sit properly. But it is worth it even though this is not an album that will be a timeless classic in my book. It will probably be a habitable album of 2021. It certainly has the mood for the start of this year.



Band: Eyehategod
Title: A History of Nomadic Behaviour
Label: Century Media
Date of release: 2021-03-12
Rate: 7/10
Stand out track: High Risk Trigger
Country of Origin: USA
Playing time: 46 minutes