Fires in the distance – Air not meant for us


I have a very good friend that throws loads of music links my way on Facebook. He has learned in a relatively short amount of time, what I like musically.
Some bands get stuck more than others, and Fires in The Distance from Newington Connecticut is one of those.

Signed to the relatively small label Prosthetic records, they play their own brand of melodic doom death metal. Think early Paradise Lost /My Dying Bride with a touch of Swallow The Sun and you are on the doorstep to the Fires In The Distance amazing universe and along with it- go through the darker sides of the human mind.

If this band will not to get as big as I hope that they will, I don’t know how unfair the world can be. This is a masterclass of the genre served right here. Melodies so beautiful, raw, and still heavy as hell with the doomy gloomy lyrics accompanying the whole thing. The album itself is six songs long and kicks in around 50 minutes. But time flies when you are in good company right?

Kicking off a record with a ten-minute song might also give you a hunch of what kind of music they play. “Wisdom of the falling leaves” shows the band stepping up and go a bit faster (if you can say that about a band like FITD). “Crumbling Pillars of a Tranquil Mind” (not only do I love the band, I love the song titles too) and” Adrift, Beneath the Listless waves” would easily have been one long song. The latter is an instrumental song ending at 6.01. It’s a breather so to speak. A guest appearance from Burial in The Skys James Tomedi it is a Magical piece of music worth your attention (and maybe to trick someone who hasn’t heard of the band before into listening to other songs from the band).

In the company of the band 50 minutes go by very quick as I said in the beginning.
To the ones who wants to get into the band I would vote for the second to last song “Psalm of The Merciless” it is as close to a “Hit” this band will ever come.

Me crawling back to the living after this journey is a double-edged sword. You know you have to, but you just want to keep wandering around the amazing universe you come love that is  Fires In the Distance.


Artist: Fires In The Distane
Title: Air Not meant for us
Rating: 9/10
Label: Prosthetic Records
Release Date: 28/4-2023
Standout track: “Wisdom of the falling leaves”, “Crumbling Pilars of a tranquil mind”

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Fires in the distance – Air not meant for us

September 19, 2023

If this band will not to be as big as I hope that they will I don’t know how unfair the world can be. This is a masterclass of the genre served right here

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