Firespawn – Abominate


“The Gallows end” kicks off the bands third record, and once you´re off, you´re back in Sunlight studios in the heyday of Swedish death metal. It´s no wonder since it´s the Godfather himself LG Petrov who´s the man behind the microphone.
“Death and domination”is a very fast paced death metal tune. This differs from LGs main work. A bit more technical. More mature but still gory death.

“Abominate”: Circle pits and headbanging all over the place with a smiling LG onstage witnessing the whole thing. That is what comes to mind when I hear the start of this song. Then off to a more melodic moodier death metal back alley again. Leaving the pit people catching some breath. If it ever was a song from a death metal band who´d revitalize a party. This might be it. “Heathen Blood”: If Entombed AD is Death n roll, then Firespawn is Doom death. Hard to do anything with LGs vocals but somehow because of the melodies he has to adjust and step up and focus more. In Firespawn I feel that he can´t do a song just putting cruise control and go. He must be on top of his game. Refreshing.

“The great one” is so deep into the world of “when death metal was new and pure” it almost spills over. “Cold void/The Hunter”: Cold void is an instrumental track leading up to “The Hunter”. Death metal goes speeding. Close to a song like “Hollowman” actually. “Godlessness” is a track that growls out so much death metal that every band who ever played death metal must be thinking why they didn´t come up with a song like this. Brutal death metal at its most gruesome level.
In “Blind Kingdom” they are still swimming in the deepest parts of death Metal Ocean filled with gore and devastation. “The Undertaker”: Is it a leftover Entombed AD track in a new uniform maybe?
“Black wings of the apocalypse”: Shouldn’t be this fast. More downtuned and more of the feeling of standing on the edge of the world or something if you go by the title. However it´s a great track to bow out to.

Artist: Firespawn
Title: Abominate
Label: Century Media
Date of release: 19-06-07
Rate: 7/10
Stand out track: Godlessness

Peter Andersson Öhrn

Peter Andersson Öhrn


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