As exciting as it is terrifying it´s always nice to widen my perspective in music. A genre I am not that familiar with is Prog. Yes (no pun intended) of course I do know a lot of bands in the genre but it is nothing that I listen to on daily basis. So when I was about to dig deep into Flower Kings just to get a fair review I asked on Facebook media what records I would listen to, to get the right feeling of what the band is all about so thank you Robban, Daniel and Pia for input.
Flower Kings is a band I have heard a few songs from (without knowing it was them until now). It is not a band you put on and have in the background with the twists and turns and surprising details embedded in the music. You need to focus on what they do. As I am a connoisseur to the world of Flower Kings I do not know who sings on the different songs but I find both(?) singers enjoyable to listen to. Seven to ten minutes can seem like a long song but in this company, some of the songs doesn´t seem that long.
On the complete other side. This is an album filled with tricky melodies and debaucheries I do feel that I am swimming in unknown waters when I find myself thinking about how to shorten the songs (“Vertigo” could easily have been cut down and expanded live instead).
A third thing you do know when it comes to this kind of music is that the bands put in a few instrumental songs just because. And the exploring side is songs like “Wicked Old Symphony” that in my ears got a touch of 60´s – 70´s pop. And then you got the 70´s rock adventures of “The Rebel Circus”. A song named “Steampunk” got me thinking that this band can do anything they want so why not try Punk rock. But fear not. It is not a punk song. For me they go out with “We were always there”.
Thank you Flower Kings for releasing an interesting Prog rock album and I promise I will listen more to what you get to offer in the future.
Band: Flower Kings
Title: Waiting For Miracles
Label: InsideOut
Date of release:19-11-08
Rate: 6/10
Stand Out Track: Rebel circus