Gathering of Kings – Discovery

Ok, so this time I´ll make it easy for you, dear reader. Stop what you´re doing for a couple of minutes and immediately go to your merchant of choice and order yourself a copy or two of this album and then come back to let me entice you for what´s in store. Because this one is nothing but a masterpiece. In my book this is up there with Treat´s “Coup De Grace”, Signal´s “Loud and Clear” and Survivor´s “Vital Signs”.

Gathering of Kings debut album “First Mission” made a huge splash in the melodic rock world and I can not for the life of me see a future where “Discovery” isn´t held as a classic. I could go on forever about this rag tag of musicians and singers as they all are bloody magnificent and their performances are equally good. But I would beat myself up if I did not mention Jonny Lindkvists (Nocturnal Rites) incredible vocals on “December”, Rick Altzi (Masterplan) kicking ass and taking names on “Final Hour” and Tobias Jansson´s (Saffire) heartfelt and powerful singing on “The One That Got Away” to name but a few.

The performers not withstanding, this record is so focused on getting the songs just right. And by Oden´s foot warts, do they deliver! Main man Victor Olsson, with help from featured and great vocalist Alexander Frisborg co-writing the lyrics, leads the ensemble around him with songwriting of the highest order. This reviewer hears hints of Phenomena, small bits of Ayreon in the brilliant opener “Riders of The Light”, Treat, Avantasia and huge doses of eighties melodic hardrock and a generous helping of keyboard laden AOR.
If you are a fan of melodic hardrock; this is for you. Simply incredible!

Rating: 9,5 Yamaha DX7 keyboards out of 10
Band: Gathering of Kings
Title: Discovery
Release Date: 15th of may 2020
Label: RN Records
Duration: 51 minutes
Place of origin: Sweden
Standout tracks: Riders of The Light, December, Kiss From Above

01. Starsleeper
02. Riders Of The Light
03. Heaven On The Run
04. December
05. Highway To Paradise
06. The One That Got Away
07. Lorelei
08. Moonlight
09. Revelation
10. Kiss From Above
11. From A Whisper To A Scream
12. Final Hour

Rick Altzi – lead vocals (3,12), backing vocals (3,9,11,12)
Jonny Lindkvist – lead vocals (4,8)
Apollo Papathanasio – lead vocals (2,9), backing vocals (2,5,8,9)
Tobias Jansson – lead vocals (6,7,11), backing vocals (2,3,6,7,11)
Alexander Frisborg – lead vocals (5,10), backing vocals (2,3,5,6,8,10,11,12)
Victor Olsson – guitars (2-12), bass (2,4-7,9-12), keyboards (1-12), backing vocals (2-12)
Efraim Larsson – drums (2-8)
Jonas Källsbäck – drums (9-12)

Special Appearances:
Nalle Påhlsson – bass (3,8)
Joel Selsfors – keyboard solo (12)
Erik Gafvelin Wiss – keyboard solo (7)
Henrik Sethsson – backing vocals (10)
Theresia Svensson – backing vocals (6,7,10)
Ron Dahlgren – backing vocals (10)
Mathias Kihlberg – flute (9)

Produced by Thomas “Plec” Johansson at The Panic Room, Skövde, with Ron Dahlgren, Nina Dahlgren & Victor Olsson as executive producers. Drums was recorded at Nordic Sound Lab by Thomas “Plec” Johansson, Bengan Andersson and Victor Olsson.
The cover artwork was once again created by German artist Markus Vesper.