As I listen to Even Angels Fail, the fourth album by norwegian hard rock band Ghost Avenue, I get a kind of split reaction. On one hand, I really dig along with the catchy classic rock. On the other… man, it strikes me how hard it must be for a traditional hard rock band to stick out! Because on this album, there is nothing that Ghost Avenue does wrong. The riffs are good, the melodies work, Kim Sandvik has a great voice, some refrains gets stuck in your head (especially Breakdown, Wasted Generation and Even Angels Fail)… In many ways, this is as good as anything! But still, there are so many, many, many albums like this. And I quite pity Ghost Avenue for being so similar to so many other melodic hard rock band that has been out there before them. I can’t blame them either, I could easily see myself falling in the same traps if I tried to make an album in this category, but it ends up drowning their effort to some extent.

So what can I say about Even Angels Fail that I haven’t said about many, many other decent hard rock bands efforts throughout the years? Not much. But if I get the chance to see Ghost Avenue at a festival (whenever such one would occur once agin), I’d probably take it and enjoy the show with great delight. And if I was asked to review their next album, I would probably say yes and be genuinely intresested in what the band was up to. So my final analysis: Ghost Avenue is a good band. Just a good band hopelessly stuck in the same category as thousands of other good and descent bands.

Artist: Ghost Avenue
Title: Even Angels Fail
Label: Ghost Avenue

Date of release: 7/8-20
Time: 50,47

Rating: 6/10
Standout track: Wasted Generation