The vision in Mr Forges head about how, what and where Ghost is supposed to be and aim for are unfolding exactly like the different Papas appearing through the years.
The different eras are not a copy of the last and he tries not to do the same thing twice. Musically it´s a mix of Pop and metal (even thrash sometimes).

This was my first Ghost concert or shall I say unholy gathering. Because the feeling of being a part of an unholy ritual is very much present. The backdrop in the shape of giant church windows with Ghost history in them if you looked closely, was stylish, the big stairs from the top of the stage to the floor was great. It let the Ghouls have their own kind of stage show but without taking focus from Cardinal Copia. The Cardinal himself isn´t as conspicuous as his predecessor. More of a entertainer from any Vegas show you might have seen.

It is a show well-rehearsed. Spontaneity is something you won´t get here. Cardinal Copia is also trying to find his perfect stage persona and tries very hard to make a good conversation with the audience and being the master of ceremonies. Soon he´ll reach the perfect level for that, but not 100 per cent tonight.

With 160 minutes including a very strange theatrical break in there are a bit over his head at this point in time I think. Thankfully we didn´t get guitar solos but Cardinals band member presentation with equally silly, equally serious tone in his voice with seven “I give you- Ghouuuuuuul”. Could be scrapped and rearranged. If you like me was skeptical about the band, give them a try and then go see them live. Because live they are a lot heavier than on record and a stage show is suited for a band like Ghost.

Who?: Ghost
Where?: Globe Arena, Stockholm
When?: 19-02-23
Rating: 7/10
Best song: From The Pinnacle To The Pit
Question: 2 hrs 40 minutes with a 15 minute break?