Gotthard – Defrosted 2

Gotthard – Defrosted 2


Releasing a double cd with greatest hits material might not raise eyebrows, but the twist here is that it is acoustic. But make no mistake, you can feel and hear that the band are totally into it. It´s a record that shows you why hard rock bands writing the best ballads in the world. Here they stripped down 22 songs out of their career recorded live on their “Defrosted Tour”. On this massive unplugged record I have to double check that it´s not some old live recordings with the original singer Steve Lee (who died in a motorcycle accident in 2010) as the singer Nic Maeder sounds sometimes just like the bands legendary frontman.

This must be the perfect introduction to the band anyone can ask for, a perfect mix of songs taken from their career. I am certainly going to check up their back catalogue once again, it´s a brilliantly weighted setlist with the band in perfect harmony with the audience. They are also treated with a really nice cover and different version of the otherwise watered down “Smoke on the water” and on the version of the song “Bye Bye Caroline” (apparently inspired by the Status Quo song “Caroline”) they are guested by Francis Rossi

26 years into their career, and 21 since their first live album, I can se no stopping for this band. If more people discovered this album, they should have a kind of a restart and in no need to split up just to do a reunion thing in a few years.


RELEASE: 2018-12—07
RATE: 7/10

Peter Andersson Öhrn
Authored by: Peter Andersson Öhrn