Lets make one thing clear, since Grand Magus left the more “stoner” sounding stuff of their first two albums and entered the realm of pure metal with ”Wolfs Return” they haven’t released one single album that wasn’t way above average. Of course there have been some ups an downs, peaking with ”Iron Will” and ”The Hunt” and taking a few steps back with ”Hammer of the North” but to say the least, Grand Magus deliver their works with a ”lowest level” set at an extreme height!

Natural the expectations on their ninth album, ”Wolf God” is set pretty God damn high and this is absolutely one of my most awaited albums coming out this year. The question is, does Grand Magus of 2019 manage to take the high stand once again or will they crumble in the blood soaked mud?

To be honest, it starts of a bit weak…

An intro, that will leave no one not thinking of “Game of Thrones” starts of the album. It’s not bad in any way but feels totally unnecessary. I wouldn’t actually mind it being an interlude somewhere in the middle of the album but as a starter it does not help the album at all. Luckily the title track is soon to follow and put things right and there is no doubt that Grand Magus is back once more, with their now patented sound of steady, hard hitting, epic Heavy Metal, and for the first time since ”Iron Will” there also is that vague hint of Black Metal hiding in the riffs.

After the title track ”Wolf God”, Grand Magus however let go of any ambitions to sound the least pretentious and it’s back to basic, epic heaviness all the way, only slightly interrupted with the fresh air of the speedy ”Spear Thrower”. Actually the record seams to grow a little by every song, and that as a whole album, not necessarily meaning that every song is better than it’s precursor.

I’m a bit hesitant if this is a very strong seven or an eight, you certainly don’t get anything new but in the other end you get exactly what you expect and isn’t that what we all wish for to be honest? Maybe not, but either way, the new Grand Magus record is a heck of an album, not innovative in any way but in the long run, who really cares?

God music will always be good music, It’s an eight!

Artist: Grand Magus
Title: Wolf God
Label: Nuclear Blast
Date of release: 19/4-19
Playing time: 38:51
Rate: 8/10
Stand out track: Dawn of Fire