Graveyard, Gothenburgs retro rock band nr 1, release their fifth fullength album. They have released a couple of very critically aclaimed albums, and have also won a Swedish Grammy award in 2013 for the album ‘Lights out’ that was voted the best heavy metal album of the year. The past few years has been quite turbulent for the band, with changes of band members. They even disbanded Graveyard in the end of 2016, but get back together in early 2017. After their comeback they started the process of writing a new album that ended up being ‘Peace’.

This album is like the other albums, sturdly bluesbased retrorock with heavy psychadelic influences. The album starts off in a furious rate with the song ‘It ain´t over yet’ which includes a heavy riff and a very good beat that is almost impossible to stand still to. The song ‘Please’ don’t have the same ingredients, but it’s a little more boogie woogie feel to it. The song ‘Walk on’ is more of an outburst where the vocalist sounds like he has been drinking whiskey for days. The vocals add a lot of weight and sounds like they are coming more from the crotch. Standing out on this album is the song ‘Bird of paradise’, with its Hendrixesque sound, which of course always is a pleasure in my book.

I really like Graveyard when they got some agressiveness and I think that the song ‘Walk on’ is a great example of when they are at their prime. As on many albums of different bands and artists, the ballads have a tendency to bring the quality of the album down – quite a bit actually. The album lose speed and lowers the standard of the album.

I would really love to see Graveyard live with this album, because when they are in their prime as described above, they are just a great rock`n`roll band with quite a few good songs to add to their setlist!

Graveyard - Peace

Artist: Graveyard
Titel: Peace
Label: Universal Music
Release date: 2018-05-25
Rate: 6/10
Standout track: Walk on