I might be locally biased about this album because of more or less being based in the same county of this long country we live in. But nevertheless, I think I can keep a distance and hold a balanced picture of the review of this the best ever album ever released on the world (sense the irony here).

What I do like with Greenleaf is their ability to mix genres & influences to a tasty end result. I read that Greenleaf are supposed to be a stoner band. Sure, there are some elements of that, but you get a lot of references to the alternative pop/rock scene going back a bunch of years in music history. One could even argue that we are talking grunge (both the real shit and post). I for one also get the feeling that Greenleaf listen a bit to bands like Fu Manchu and Valley of the Sun. Or at least lends inspiration from bands of that type. There is nothing negative in this at all, quite the contrary.

The album is a great showcase in the variety of what Greenleaf have become 8 albums into their existence. We have as a constant the anguish driven vocals, the groovy and fuzzy guitars and a strong backbone in the rhythm section that melts into each other with finesse.

You can use the examples of a more alternative pop-esque song like “Love Undone” that is a lot more upbeat than a number like “Bury Me My Son” or the melancholy smelling “What Have We Become” – my absolute favorite tune of the album. What I do feel with this album is that it is building from the previous album and letting the vocals and tone of singer Arvid Jonsson. He has a bit of a unique voice that marries really well with the music of Greenleaf, but also lends itself to being more adventurous with developing the music and swinging it wider to at least my delight.

This band is consistent, but the level of that consistency is climbing higher. Songs are more diverse; the whole sound map of this band is getting wider and the group feels more together and are moving in the right way of developing is my verdict. What I do hope is that we soon can have the option to see them on a stage.


Band: Greenleaf
Title: Echoes from a Mass
Label: Napalm
Date of release: 2021-03-26
Rate: 8/10
Stand out track: What we have become
Country of Origin: Sweden
Playing time: 46:15