Gruesome – awesome death, very alive.


Entering Sofiehof Under Ground is like stepping right down to hell. Not only because the spirit of death is watching over the place. Also, because it’s hot like hell in this dungeon. From the dark side of USA, Florida, Gruesome has landed in Jönköping this evening. I guess all the churches in town has extra meetings for prayers tonight…..

Many men and a few women in black, has crawled out of their main stream masks used during daytime, gathering among the music of darkness. Death metal is very much alive, and the fans are dedicated. The band is also dedicated. Their mission is to keep the origin Death metal going and be truthful to the sound.

Fast drums and deep growl are accompanied by melodic melodies and extremely nice guitar riffs. The changes of tempo and the well-produced songs makes the whole concept interesting.  These guys are great musicians and rubs out all stereotype thoughts about Death being only growl and noise.

Gruesome is not a “costume band”. They perform in normal clothes as any other rock band. I guess there are two groups of opinions about this in the world of Death metal…. Those who likes full image with masks, clothes and effects for the death look, and those who don’t. I prefer the first. I like to “see what I hear”. When the image reflects the lyrics and feelings of the music. The band do not put on a show for the eyes. They deliver their songs. Straight. No more. Even the light is static and quite boring. Probably they want to put all focus on the music but for me, the wow factor of a live gig is missing.

On the plus side of the evening; great talk between the songs! They tell the audience a lot about the songs, the band and their mission of Death metal. I love that! It makes me get to know the music in a deeper perspective.

The contact with the audience is also good. They even congrats a person celebrating his birthday. So more or less a good gig from Gruesome in the dungeon of “Sofiehof Hell”.

Artist: Gruesome                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Where: Sofiehof Under Ground, Jönköping
When: 2018-08-03
Rate: 6/10









Elise Pavicic

Elise Pavicic


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