Halestorm – Vicious


Halestorm have recently released their fourth studio album, Vicious.

I haven’t listened a lot to the band but I’ve enjoyed most of their albums and songs so far. Halestorm is from Pennsylvania in America, they have been active since 1997 and released their last album in 2015. It’s been a little while since their last release and it’s apparent that they’ve had a lot to do, considering the quality of this album. It’s the same and yet, new. Great vocals and instrumentals, interesting lyrics that brings up subjects such as sex, social structures and the importance of not giving up.

With the release “Vicious”, Halestorm have started incorporating different genres into their music, that we get to enjoy With more substantial lyrics and an extent, with more focus on vocals and lyrics than before.

I find Vicious to be bold and impressing. Some songs are more pop and country sounding than what their previous three albums have presented.  The song “Heart of novocaine” has a very similar sound, it took me a while before I could place it. It reminds me of P!nk, it’s acoustic and scaled down to a guitar and the powerful vocals Lzzy Hale provides. I’m impressed that they dare to explore and experiment like they have, and I hope to hear more of it in the future. It sounds terrific! I liked it a lot.

It was unexpected to hear, more space and focus given to the lyrics themselves which are great and full of meaning accompanied by nothing more than the guitar. It’s a hard thing to do, it’s not what they usually do.

We also get to hear more familiar beats and sounds, they haven’t become a pop-country group, don’t worry!
I usually see their music as nice music to play in the background of anything, to studies, hanging out with friends, being with family or even while I do dishes. This album feels different and I’ll definitely be listening to it a lot in the future. It’s a record I’m going to buy, not just stream or buy to download. A physical copy would be really amazing. But that’s just me with my nostalgia I guess. “Vicious” has a somewhat even phase and sound though, and it’s a very enjoyable experience to listen to. I advice you to do the same!

Band: Halestorm
Title: Vicious
Label: Atlantic Rec
Date of release: July 27, 2018
Time: 43 minutes
Rate: 7/10
Stand out tracks: The silence, Heart of Novocaine


Tor Stark

Tor Stark


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