Hank von Hell – Egomania


Hank von Helvete. Name ring a bell? How about Hank from Hell? Those of you who do remember the name of the previous
singer in the Norwegian rockband Turbonegro also remember that he used to be dressed all in denim when he was performing on stage. Including wearing a denim cape. Hank von Hell, as he calls himself now, has put down the denim armor and replaced it with a snowwhite suite, white tophat and a kane. The only thing that remains the same about his appearence is his beard and makeup. He returns to the stage with the soloalbum “Egomania”.

The dangerous and dark punk rock’n’roll of Turbonegro has been replaced by slick, glammy, well produced rock’n’roll.
Think Kiss, Alice Cooper and eighties hairmetal mixed with the trademark Norwegian rock’n’roll sound. The connections to Turbonegro are hard to ignore not only because of the guitar riffs but even more so because of Hank’s vocals.

Even though the music on this album reeks of Turbonegro this still is a Hank von Hell soloalbum lyrically as well.
The lyrics are not so much about darkness, asses, homosexuality, drugs and party but more about Hank’s life in the
present and the struggles he’s been through in the past.

The slick, overproduced poprock of “Egomania” gets a bit too much towards the end of the album to the point where it feels a bit bland and thin. Even though I miss the power of Turbonegro with Hank behind the mic, “Egomania” is still a well played, well sunged and well produced rock album. (that kind of, sort of sounds like his old band)

I think that Hank as a soloartist stands firm on both legs without his old bandmates to support him and his return
to the stage will hopefully bring more rock’n’roll to the masses.

Band: Hank von Hell
Title : Egomania
Label: Sony Music
Date of release: 2018-11-02
Rate: 5/10
Stand out track: Wild boys blues

Tobias Engdahl

Tobias Engdahl


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