Hardcore Superstar – You can’t kill my rock’n’roll


Gothenburg rockers Hardcore Superstar are back with a new album and this time with a slightly harder and more metallic sound. But don’t worry, it’s still rock’n’roll with a touch of glam just imagine the tempo and the distortion turned up a notch. The album cover shows three women dressed as, what appears to be, nuns. All three smoking cigarettes and drinking beer, the one in the middle giving us a diabolical smile. All in black and white with the title “You can’t kill my rocknroll” above them.

The first thing that strikes me about this album is the focus on choruses compared to verses. Hardcore Superstar has always put much focus on choruses and this album is no different. A lot of the songs feel rushed toward a big anthemic climax and because of that some of the verses seem overlooked.
The second thing is the bigger scale of the sound, it seems as if the album was written with the intention of playing in front of big crowds. I’m not sure how this will be received by the fans who like their Hardcore Superstar sounding like playing in a more intimate medium sized rock club but time will tell I suppose.

If you are a fan of rock’n’roll music then I would say there is something on this album for everyone. The brutally fast opener “AD/HD”, the sad closer “Goodbye”, the middle finger to the rich and powerful in “Never cared for snobbery” or the groovy “Baboon”.
The track that stands out is the title track “You can’t kill my rock’n’roll”. The guitar on the verses remind me of ZZ top’s “Sharp dressed man” and the chorus would fit perfectly on a stadium gig with thousands of fans singing along as one. On this track, it’s like the soul and core of the band become exposed, and I can hear it on a few songs from older albums as well – so whatever they did to get this song done – that is the magic formula.


Band: Hardcore Superstar
Title: You can’t kill my rocknroll
Lable: Gain
Date of release: 20180921
Rate: 6/10
Stand out track: You can’t kill my rocknroll

Tobias Engdahl

Tobias Engdahl


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