Harem Scarem was among the many melodic rock bands who came about a little too late in the early 90’s, and only got a glimpse of the success before grunge tossed their whole genre down the toilet. Despite this, they have never given up and has continued to carry the old school melodic rock torch (apart from a short break about ten years ago), and has through the years made themselves a cult phenomenon among the AOR crowd. Change The World is their sexteenth studio release (!) and you can sure tell these guys know their stuff.

Musically, Change The World is not as much hair metal as the bands early stuff. This is more AOR and even a little pop oriented. Mature, safe and straight forward, with all the ups and downs that comes along with that. I think the album is quite good, no more and no less. I enjoy it all the way, but can’t really find any new classics to shake my foundations. It’s just all right, basic nice rock music without any big flaws. Which of course isn’t bad at all, really, just not that extraordinary.

If you’re in mood for a melodic rock album, this will do. But if you want something that will really stick to your memory, I suggest you move on. Either way, I’m definately looking forward to their concert at Sweden Rock Festival this summer.

Artist: Harem Scarem
Title: Change The World
Label: Frontiers
Date of release: 6/3-20
Time: 44,00

Rating: 6/10
Standout track: Change The World