Cult band Heathen returns with a new album after an 11 year recording pause. And it is just as they just left the Bay Area around late 80´s again. A Thrasher? Please lend this band your time. If you love modern era Testament for example this will please your appetite. It´s not a band who rely totally on past glory.

One of few things that I am objecting against is a thrash song going up to almost 6 minutes (“Empire Of The blind”). Metallica did it way back but the world and the way we listen to music has changed since then and it demands you full focus. Even though it is a great track.

But things go back to normal straight after with the heavy ”Dead and gone”. A band like Heathen are bound to keep the songs short. The following “Sun In My Hand” comes up as the song to remember from the album.

As I listen, this is a big surprise of a record for me. A band that still got the hunger and try to figure out a new path but still be true to their legacy. Solid work all through. A band that might have a second career coming? “Shrine of Apathy” slows things down . “Devour” are up there with “Sun In My Hand” as a favourite track . “A Fine Red Mess” is just massive instrumental, wonder how it would be like with lyrics.

But except from “Sun In My Hand” it’s when they go full on Bay Area thrash they do it best. Second to last song ”The Gods Divide” is just that. Bay Area thrash.

Artist: Heathen
Title: Empire Of The Blind
Label: Nuclear Blast
Playing Time: 47:16
Rating: 7/10
Land of origin: USA
Stand out track: “Sun In My Hand”