Hekatomb – The Signs

The front cover of Hekatomb’s new album features a bright and shiny Swedish flag. However, there’s not much nationalism in the band’s lyrics. To the contrary, a leftist message can be heard in tunes such as “Live by the sword”, where liberty and equality are praised, where “bourgeois is bound to fall” and capitalism is rotten. The album is not overtly political, though, but rather sticking to traditional heavy metal themes such as believing in yourself, not giving up and love of nature.
This can be heard over a string of strong hard rock/heavy metal tunes, of which I’d especially like to mention the Iron Maiden-like “Signs of what could be”, the Tony Martin-era Black Sabbath of “Evil spell” and the progressive, semi-symphonic overtones of “Fall of the Lord”. Elsewhere, such as in “Bring me a beer”, glimpses of humour can be found.
To achieve this, there are four great musicians, of which the very strong vocals of Fredrik Stockhaus (who can be likened to James Hetfield with touches of Candlemass) stand out. Praise also goes out to the flowing guitar playing of Ruslan Schmulowich, as well as to the fact that not much studio trickery seems to have been used. A very varm, natural and wooden metal follows on, throughout the album.

Band: Hekatomb
Title: The Signs
Label: thebandhekatomb@gmail.com
Date of release: 2021-04-21
Rate: 7/10
Stand out track: Fall of the Lord
Country of Origin: Sweden
Playing time: 51.44

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